SHARK AUTOMOTIVE (TC AUTOMOTIVE ); In 2006, stainless steel, chrome and aluminum was founded as a manufacturer of car accessories and vehicle protection bars in Istanbul.

Production of the Saray / Velikoy in the industrial zone built on 500 square meter area and a total of 2000 m² of space in a modern, continues production with robotics and technological machinery. Central office communication and distribution organization Kucukcekmece / Istanbul is located in.

Passenger cars, vans, 4x4 off-road vehicle, SUV jeeps and pick-up models for stainless steel chrome front guards, aluminum roof racks, and running boards producing crankcase bodies for cars SHARK AUTOMOTIVE (TC AUTOMOTIVE ), but also domestic and foreign operates in the market.

SHARK AUTOMOTIVE (TC AUTOMOTIVE ), 80% of its production to Europe, many countries in Africa and the Middle East, mainly in USA, Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Romania, Poland, and Algeria is to make sales.